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Author and Motivational Speaker.

"Every soul deserves a good read".

Tracey Williams is a trailblazer. She has contributed to Wow Magazine, Youth e-zine, Jamaica Theological Seminary and other Christian Journals. She also wrote 10 children books and 6 Inspirational books that are now on Smashwords.com, Amazon and other Social network.

Ms. Williams is her family's first Author and Educator.

She lives in St. Elizabeth where she exposes all her writing abilities.

A humanitarian at heart. This gifted soul escapes it all by retreating to her tiny-house office, which houses her children's collections and inspirational books.


Adult and Children Collection


Lady's Journals


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Adult Inspirational vary between $800.00 - $1000.00JMD/$6.00 - $8.00USD
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1. Coy the Coconut Tree 2. The Maid and the Vacuum 3. The Bookshelf Staircase 4. Easter Eggs 5. The Little Buggy 6. The Shoplifter 7. Hiney Hinds Work Day 8. Stinky Toes
All Children E-Books are for $4.00

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Tracey Williams' Books

Christian eBooks

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Script of Virtue is an inspirational for all readers in the Christian community. It focuses on the ground principles and morals of a believer as they choose to walk the Christian faith. 

Most are characteristics of Christ, his attitude towards men and how he saw them.

This book will edify you and teach you good principles. Little golden rules and guidelines of how to remain flat footed in faith.

Dealing with Internal Foes is an inspirational for readers who face much difficulties in life. It applies to Internal battles that goes on without questioning.

Fear, hurt, anger, resentment, rejection and isolation.

These are the most common fights that Christians often try hardest to get rid of.

Elijah was a powerful prophet and he faced much especially when confronting Jezebel.

Dealing with Internal Foes will teach you about your inner battles and how to face them. As you read you will understand that you do not fight alone, as many goes through the same battle and come out victorious.

Lady Grace is a poem with a numerous amount of Godly characters for the Christian woman. It possesses many good nature that any woman should chase after.

Her glory catches her husband everytime. 

It sits on her lips and teaches her children. 

Grace is known to many, because of the nature that she brings.

I Love My Husband is a strong relationship book, that steers women into the direction to love their husbands. 

It also encourages men of their status in marrying their women. It is fun, exciting, motivational and for both genders. Whether you are a young bride, recently engaged, in the middle of your years together, or simply thinking about adding sparks to your marriage, this is the book for you.

Hey God, It's Me... is a practical devotional for everyone. It speaks on heavenly communication between God and man, and how to build that heavenly relationship.

It highlights guidelines to praying and fasting. 

You will never feel distant from God after reading this. It is short, realistic and practical. 



Lift Lighter

The issues of life can be so heavy, you become a slave to society.

Identify your work weight.

Start to lift a little lighter.

Take some load off if you have to.

Who are you worshipping, God or man?

You are carrying someone but can you still carry yourself?

Let that weight go.

Shake those unnecessary warfares off of your backs.

The battle is not always yours to fight.

Quit being a slave to problems.

Not everything is yours to solve.

Close your eyes to the things you keep seeing.

Avoid repeating what you hear.

Forget the path that you used to take.

Start to walk away from your old mistakes.

Love and love big. But never allow your kind heart to break.

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E. detailstotracey@gmail.com
10/03/2019 02:36
Really proud of your hard work and dedication Trace! I can tell how hard you've worked to get to this part of your life and I am extremely proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the hard work, keep pushing towards your dreams and keep making everyone around you proud. God is using you for greatness.
Patsy Dennis
08/24/2019 04:55
Great job Miss Williams.
Continue the good work
Shamoy Williams
08/23/2019 22:22
Wonderful young woman. She lends herself to better individuals from all walks of life. I am proud of the path she's taken in life. One to inspire and transform lives.

Continue to grow and inspire...
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